Change the Kids, Change the World!

The Youth in Action Program (YiA) can join forces with any agency or organization serving youth and students; schools, agencies, government agencies, charities, campaigns, communities, and neighborhoods. Footsteps believes that tomorrow is in the hands of young people today. This program pushes young people to not only realize their ability to be change agents, but literally BE CHANGE AGENTS IN ACTION!

For too long young people have been conditioned to follow, rather than lead, to conform rather than confront, to sit down rather than stand up, we’re saying enough. Our communities, schools, and neighborhoods face challenges that seem to worsen as time goes on: racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, bullying, teasing, suicide prevention, achievement gap, youth violence, and unfortunately much more!

Today represents an opportunity for our greater community to change its understanding of youth and students. Today offers an opportunity for the community to let go, and let kids! YiA inspires, empower and prepares youth and students to change tomorrow by being involved, engaged and invested today.

How does YiA Work?

YiA can join forces with many to most organizations that understand how imperative it is for youth and students to be leaders in action and change agents. YiA is a long-term program partnership, meaning, this program can work for groups as small as 5 or as many as 100. YiA can be facilitated in the following setting and structures: After-school, during school, out of school time, youth board/council/committee structure, youth advisory teams, outdoors/on trail, athletic teams and many more!

YiA best fits in structures that allow Project Footsteps’ program facilitators to have ongoing and routine meetings and encounters with youth and students. Depending on the partnership, Project Footsteps makes a specific program recommendation according to the structure of the partnership. Participants are guided through an intense, emotional, confrontational, physical, experience through a series of devices, activities, and simulations that continuously challenge them to discuss the role they play in the many social issues that affect their lives, their schools, their neighborhoods, and their communities.

Youth and students are challenged to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk and take action in their schools, communities and neighborhoods. The “breaking point” is different for each group! Once a group has had enough with sitting around and doing nothing Project Footsteps supports them in their efforts to become real change agents; conceptualizing action, implementing action, and creating systems of sustainability. 


Our FCP programs have a “follow-up” component, designed to assure the impact of the program experience continues to propel through the voices and actions of the participants that felt the strongest connection to the initial experience. Depending on the logistical elements of the partnership, Project Footsteps can do a number of things to help make this as convenient as possible: video conferencing, in person visits, and telephone conferencing.

How Do Youth and Students Get Involved?

Each agency and school is different. Maybe you already have an existing group that needs direction, or maybe you need Project Footsteps to do what it does best; recruiting and inspiring a new group of youth! This can look so many different ways. We can host a large event, concert, scavenger hunt, talent show…you name it, which can draw attention to Project Footsteps. We can also set these up in “camp” style structures and recruit youth and students that way, the sky is the limit!

City of St. Louis Park honors Youth in Action Program that singled out and tackled racism that was occurring in classrooms everyday, but was going unnoticed.

City of St. Louis Park honors Youth in Action Program that singled out and tackled racism that was occurring in classrooms everyday, but was going unnoticed.


Pricing is specific to each partnership based on location, number of days, recruitment efforts, and much more. It is our goal to make the partnership cost effective and realistic for every partner. Please complete the online information form below and let’s get started today customizing a program for your school, community or agency or email us at !

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