Program Experience Overview 

Traditional history lessons do a poor job of educating today’s students and young people about the significant role young people and youth leadership played in creating change. At Footsteps, we understand the power and role inspiration plays in creating, empowering and preparing a new generation of change agents. An intimate experience and cultural immersion in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, one of the first chapters of the Freedom Summer Movement of 1964, will do that! 


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Footsteps has spent an significant amount of time and resources developing working relationships with the very teenagers, now elders, who risked their lives founding the Hattiesburg, Mississippi chapter of the Freedoms Summer Movement. These incredible, acclaimed and legendary change agents support the mission of Footsteps and understand the importance of passing the torch and inspiring new, innovative leadership within young people. They have opened their lives, their homes and their businesses to us to ensure that the experience is raw in nature with an over abundance in empowerment and leadership development. The Food Alone Will Change Your Life 

Program Format

This is an overnight, multiday program experience. In order to ensure that the experience can reach fruition, we requires schools groups, community groups and agencies to plan for a minimum of 3 day and two nights at a minimum- the average time commitment is 4 days and 3 nights. 

The program is designed for 6-12th grade and college aged students. This program experience is designed to tailor itself to many different empowerment processes and structures:

  • Already existing leaders groups 
  • New/initiating leadership groups/student councils 
  • African American student action groups 
  • Service learning and community service groups 

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