What is it?

The Footsteps Challenge Program (FCP) can join forces with any agency or organization serving youth and students; schools, camps, agencies, government agencies, charities, campaigns, communities, and neighborhoods. Project Footsteps believes that tomorrow is in the hands of young people today. This program pushes young people to realize their ability to be change agents!

For too long young people have been conditioned to follow, rather than lead, to conform rather than confront, to sit down rather than stand up, we’re saying enough. Our communities, schools, and neighborhoods face challenges that seem to worsen as time goes on: racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, bullying, teasing, suicide prevention, achievement gap, youth violence, and unfortunately much more!

Today represents an opportunity for our greater community to change its understanding of youth and students. Today offers an opportunity for the community to let go, and let kids! FCP inspires, empower and prepares youth and students to change tomorrow by being involved, engaged and invested today.


How Does FCP Work?

FCP provides participants with the opportunity to discover areas about themselves, their peers, and their community, school or neighborhood. Through a unique blend of discussion, experiential devices, dynamic facilitating, high-energy, self-reflecting initiatives and more, participants not only discover their connection to positive change and social leadership but also identify their personal stance concerning our society and communities.

The program experience challenges the comfort zone of every participant while providing a stage for individuals to express themselves.  Participants engage in personal discussions about topics meaningful to their lives. Topics include the following and much more! Bullying, Self-esteem, Personal leadership, Youth leadership, Youth Violence, Race, Culture, Gender and much more!

Over the course of the program experience, whether one or five days, each participant will speak before their peers about their experience and newly found connection to themselves, each other, and their community. Often times parents, community members, teachers and other staff are invited to this showcase of speeches and open dialogue to create a youth-led environment, empowering all that take part in the final experience and offering an additional aspect of accountability for the participants.

FCP was Project Footsteps’ founding approach and continues to provide thousands of young people the opportunity to realize their ability to inspire change, model leadership and promote youth empowerment.


Follow Up Process

Our FCP programs have a “follow-up” component, designed to assure the impact of the program experience continues to propel through the voices and actions of the participants that felt the strongest connection to the initial experience. Depending on the logistical elements of the partnership, Project Footsteps can do a number of things to help make this as convenient as possible: Video conferencing, In person visits, Telephone conferencing


How Do Youth and Students Get Involved?

Each agency and school is different! There may be an already existing group of youth/students that need direction, or, Project Footsteps get to do what it loves doing the most, strategic marketing and recruiting! This can look so many different ways. We can host a large event, concert, scavenger hunt, talent show…you name it, which can draw attention to Project Footsteps. We can also set these up in “camp” style structures and recruit youth and students that way, the sky is the limit!




Pricing is specific to each partnership based on location, number of days, recruitment efforts, and much more. It is our goal to make the partnership cost effective and realistic for every partner. Please complete the online information form below and let’s get started today customizing a program for your school, community or agency or email us at info@projectfootsteps.com

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