Bullying is an Outcome, not a Problem

Footsteps has partnered with over 400 schools and agencies over the last six years reaching over 40,000 students throughout the US. Everywhere we go we meet students and families who face the vicious realties of bullying everyday. At Footsteps we believe that too often bullying is “looked at” as a problem, when our work and active research tells that bullying is an outcome of many different and diverse issues. At Footsteps we believe that inspiring, empowering, and preparing students to be change agents and leaders in action is the solution. We want students to understand that they must play an active role in being a solution and willing to stand up and stand out when the time comes, because it will.

Students are the answer! 

Over the past 9 years, Footsteps has had tremendous success in partnering with students to bring about much needed change and leadership! This success is primarily attributed to the persistence, creativity, and out right leadership of students that have developed into change agents who have the courage, skills, and creativity to stand up and stand out. We believe that “bullying” has deeply impacted the culture of young people today in a negative way. We also know and believe that students have the power to change the course of their lives, the lives of others, and their student population.

Example of Student Leadership!



This program is designed to change the culture of a school from the inside out. Our goal is to organize an action council/action committee of students who are willing to step up and step out of their comfort zones.

Our 12- Week Youth in Action Program:

We start off this program with a School-Wide Event. Of course planning with partner school to meet logistical and operational needs. The goal of this event is to get students excited about being leaders, and inform them of the upcoming opportunity to participate in the new program/student leadership council.

We develop a list of students who want to partake in the front lines of addressing the issue of bullying at their school. Our staff and youth facilitators are experts at developing curriculum and weekly programs that will challenge students to be agents of change and leaders in action.

This 8-week leadership development program is designed to ensure that students are ready and empowered to become change agents and leaders. We have worked with groups as small as 5 and as large at 60 depending on the size and scale of the school building/district.

Participants are guided through an intense, emotional, confrontational, physical, experience through a series of devices, activities, and simulations that continuously challenge them to discuss the role they play in the many social issues that affect their lives, their schools, their neighborhoods, and their communities

Staff Development:

It is important that we are able to educate the teaching and learning staff at your school about our approach, and our model, while ensuring that staff have some concrete ideas and concepts they can use in their own classroom and profession.

If you are interested in inspiring, empowering and preparing the students in your school to be leaders through action please send us a message and we will connect with you soon!


School-Wide Kick-off Concert with Project Footsteps partner, ambassador and national recording artist Ashley Dubose- The Voice Contestant NBC, St. Paul MN Native
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