The Start

Since 2008, Project Footsteps has inspired, empowered and prepared over 36,000 young people throughout the country to be agents of change and social leaders within their schools, communities, and organizations. In partnership with over 350 school districts, non-profit groups, and community programs, we have provided innovative youth-driven programs that have inspired thousands of students to become leaders in action.

Our Vision

At Footsteps we believe that every young person has the right to be engaged in bettering their schools, their culture, their communities, and ultimately, their lives. We believe that it is our daily responsibility to encourage youth to be agents of change. Our world is desperate for new leadership and a restored belief in humanity. We believe it is crucial that we funnel our encouragement into the youth in our communities. We hope that in some way we can partner with you to inspire our youth to be social leaders and voices of change.

popular and Successful Program Experiences