The Start

Since 2008, The Footsteps Movement has inspired, empowered and prepared over 36,000 young people, community leaders and agency operators  throughout the country to be agents of change and social leaders within their schools, communities, and organizations. What started as a mission to figure out why we haven't fully harnesses the power of our young people has evolved into a national movement designed to liberate young people,  better and improve the elements in our community in place to enhance and serve their lives, and innovate new and more relevant approaches to youth development, youth leadership development, and much more! 

Our Vision

At Footsteps we believe that every young person has the right to be engaged in bettering their schools, their culture, their communities, and ultimately, their lives. We believe that it is our daily responsibility to encourage youth to be agents of change while also clearing pathways for them to lead in the community and in their worlds. One day we will as a society prioritize bringing truth to young people and ensuring our next generations have skin in the game. We envision a society where agencies and organizations in place to serve youth are guided and led by the very youth they are in place to serve and empower! 

We are thinkers. we are builders. We are change agents. we are RESILIENT. we are innovative.